Daughter,  Wife  and Mother
This is exactly what I am, of a Freemason!
My father was a Freemason for about 40 years and as a child I didn't know anything about what he was doing. I only found out after seeing a school friends father crossing the road to the chapel where the meetings were held and discussing it at length the next day at school.  In those days dinner suits were worn!
The very first masonic social event that my husband and I attended was a Ladies Evening organised by my Father's lodge. We had a great evening and I had a lovely floral arrangement and present to take home.
Not long after this my husband and father started disappearing for long talks and eventually it came out that he was considering becoming a Freemason.  I was quite thrilled as it gave Mark an interest outside the house. Before he joined we attended several social events. I have never forgotten that at the very first one I was asked if my son would also be joining,  I said then that I didn't think he would. We hadn't ever thought about Jonathon joining the Lodge of St John, we didn't think that after his accident that he would be able to cope. How wrong we were ! When Mark and I have been to the different events Jonathon has always come with us and as I had made friends so had he. One lodge night Mark came back and said that he had been asked about Jonathon becoming a Mason. I have always known that this was something he really did want to achieve.  After much discussion off he went to become a member of the Lodge of St John and has never looked back.
The years that I have been involved with the Lodge of St John have been busy and fun.  I have met lots of people, made new friends and whilst having a great time raising money for worthwhile causes. And of course,  once a month I have control of the television.